Happy December 1st!

Hello there again! Its December now! It is so strange to me, because it doesn’t feel like Christmas is near. There are some Christmas lights up here, and the local Italian pizza guy wore a Christmas hat yesterday!

It’s been a pretty fun week! I started my rescue dive course with Mike which has been very fun! I’ve been out for 3 dives now and the diving is amazing!! So many fish, nudibranch’s, starfish, eels, rays etc. I just love it! So I have been plugging away through my course manual this week. 

I also spent a significant portion of my time sorting through the humpback whale pictures of the 2013 season! I’m sorting them for good pictures of flukes (the tail) and dorsals (the top fin) for identification. 


This is the Dolphin House where we go every morning to brief the clients and get our gear!

It has been a bit stormy and rainy lately, but still warm! We had a launch yesterday morning, actually we did 2 launches. The first one was great! Calm seas, and we saw some dolphins and did some snorkeling! Which is always great! We saw a white tip reef shark!!! Yay!! I did however swim through lots of stinging jellies!!! I got stung on my neck, shoulder finger….all over! Sheesh! My arm was actually starting to feel a bit weird as we were on our way back, but I decided to pretend it was nothing and see if it got worse, but it just went away after a bit :) 

After breakfast, we went out again-this time there were only 2 clients, so Angie sent a message out to all the friends to come join in if they wanted, so we took some extras along! We didn’t see dolphins, but we saw humpback whales! It is very much the end of the season, and I hadn’t seen any all week, so that was very cool to see and observe them! The sea was fairly rough at this point, so it was hard to spot the dolphins. We did see turtles though! And when we stopped to snorkel, the turtle was right there! So I dove down to get a closer look :)


Woah! Mr. Turtle is my father….name’s Crush!


This is where I come to get wifi! It’s the only place in town with wireless..haha

I’m hoping that the weather will be nice this week and I can hike up to the lighthouse! This is the border between Mozambique and South Africa! I’ll probably have a little step into South Africa ;) I wont get a stamp in my passport though… Haha 

So, I am taking malaria medicine while I am here (probably a good thing, because if anyone’s going to get malaria, it would be me…they mozzies clearly love me..) but anyways, the medicine gives me interesting dreams! Well, I already dream every night anyways, so maybe I’m just blaming this on the medicine, but it is actually just my creative mind at work. Anyways, last night I had a dream that I was diving with Mike and he was asking me to demonstrate these skills underwater. The first one was that he just wanted me to lie down on the bottom. So I did it, but he kept saying that it was wrong-and in my dream I knew that this was a trick question, so I kept watching Mike until I realized that he had taken his kit off and then was lying down. So I did that as well, then I advanced to the next skill. This time he wanted me to do yoga underwater. So I started doing these yoga stretches (which I know nothing about because I don’t do yoga) so it was very strange, then Mike and I were just both doing yoga underwater but I had to stop because I had weak wrists and it was hurting my wrists. (Even though this is impossible, because you are essentially weightless when diving) The end! 

On my way home, I fly through Hong Kong, and I have 5 or 6 hours there, so I decided that I am going to leave the airport and go out for sushi and then come back! Kill time, eat great sushi, and get a stamp in my passport! YAY! :)

Eleven more sleeps!