What a surprise! Im blogging! For some reason it just seemed right to blog today.

So the semester is now almost done for me. My last class is this thursday and then I am off to Victoria for an audition at UVIC! I am excited and scared for this. I honestly have no clue what I will do in the fall. In addition to UVIC I have also applied to Pacific Life Bible College and Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I don’t know where God has called me yet and it has been something occupying my thoughts and my time a lot lately. I know that I have faith and trust in Gods love and his timing for my life, but it is hard to live in uncertainty. So at this point, I am just praying that wherever I am supposed to go that He would open the doors and close the doors to the other places. 

This semester of school has been the craziest of my life. So much has gone on and I have just been so busy that I must admit I have drawn far from the Lord; the excuse always being that ‘I don’t have time’. I hate that answer, because I know that my spirit and my heart long to serve, seek and please the Lord in everything that I do, but that somehow managed to get overshadowed by trying to be a high academic achiever. I have no one to blame but myself. I know, and can testify from experience, that it is possible, and in fact better, to serve the Lord above all even in the midst of our busy lives. 

I just pray that the rest of the semester I have left and this coming summer, that I will be able to grab hold again of the truth that I already know in my life and give my all to the Lord making my highest aim to please him in every decision and in everything that I do! I love you Jesus with all of my being!


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