Lately I’ve just been thinking a lot about the purpose that God has for my life. I know that I am walking out what God has planned for me, and this is where I am at right now. This is the season that God has for me, and I just felt God really bring be back to reality in reminding me that the things that “I want” are things my flesh wants and not necessarily what God has planned for me right now. I really feel the peace of the Lord in my heart for just being an obedient servant to him and finishing what he has started for me. God told me that the desires of my heart come from him, but he determines the order that they happen in. That was just so huge for me to realize that EVERYTHING is in His timing, and his timing is absolutely perfect!

Once I have finished what God has for me now, at Capilano, then He will bring the next thing out for me to enjoy! Another thing I have come to realize is to completely strive for emotional purity and to enjoy my single years that I have with God, distraction free! It is such a beautiful thing resting in the shadow of my creator! Father, my life is in Your hands. You provide for me moment by moment. I ask that You open my eyes to see Your unfailing love for me and help my stubborn heart to trust You fully. I know that I will not be single a day longer than You want me to be, and in that I will find rest from this mind game of wondering and waiting. Open doors of ministry for me so that I may serve where You want me to serve. Help me protect my emotions from the pitfall of having intimacy before commitment. All I could want or all that could satisfy me is wrapped up in my relationship with You. Allow me to rest in You and to fall more in love with You each day. Amen!


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