Today I was watching a recording of the last episode of the Amazing Race and the last challenge they had to complete before being checked in at the pit stop was to park scooters or dance in the street and collect a certain amount of money and then travel to an orphanage and give them the money you earned. BUT on the table at the orphanage, there was a sign that said you had to give ALL the money in your possession to get your clue. Many teams gave the money they earned dancing and parking scooters, but not all their money. They went all the way to the pit stop only to have the host tell them that before they could be checked in they had to go back and give ALL of their money.

I feel like this exact situation is similar in life when it comes to trusting God. A lot of times we trust him with many areas of our lives, but not quite all of them. God wants us to place all our hopes and feelings in him and leave them there for his use. If we don’t trust God with EVERYTHING in our lives, then we cannot move on to the next thing that God has for us. We end up backtracking in order to get our heart and spirit in the right place with the Lord, surrendering everything to him so that we are able to walk out the call God has on each of our lives. I believe that God is calling us all to surrender our WHOLE life to him. My life is a testimony of that. Like i mentioned in my first post, at revcamp, with God’s help, my priorities were rearranged and God was put at the top and i have decided to fully offer up my life to the Lord, and I am telling you, that nothing but blessings have followed since that moment! So much so, that my prayer now is God how will you top that? There is such a peace and comfort in knowing that you are walking out God’s plan for your life. My mind is just clueless as to what God has planned next for me and my life!

God lead me in your ways and help me to continually give things up to you that become a distraction to me in my walk with you. Reveal to me areas of my life that I am not content and then help me to be satisfied with your plan.


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