The other day I just went to the mall by myself because i had a big break at school. As i was driving back to school I was just listening to music in my car and worshiping and I just got fully filled with the Holy Spirit! It was so incredible! I thought I was going to have to pull over because I was crying. It’s so crazy, like every encounter we have with Jesus is so special, and it doesn’t have to be a public thing, it can just be private between you and the Lord. I think those are the most meaningful ones. This was a particularly emotional encounter with God because of the season of life that I am currently in. I was weeping because of how much love God has for us when we did absolutely NOTHING to deserve it. His love is endless and forever! I just cannot get over how incredible God is and the amazing things that he does and can do in our lives!

I praise God for bringing my heart and my mind to the place I am now, which is to desire and seek to know God more and dwell in his being. To pray and have fellowship in the Lord. God there is nothing I want more than to serve you and bring glory to your name! In my times of confusion i pray that you will help me to seek your counsel and direction so that I may have peace. Thank you for the Godly people you’ve placed in my life who are able to speak wisdom into me!

Lord you are sovereign!


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