Leeland in Peru a Spanish Worship Song. Something special about this.

O Senor, dame mas de tu amor y verdad. O Senor, dame mas de tu porder y gracia O Dios. Ensename a amar, ensename a ser como tu, dame tu corazón mi Dios.

Oh Lord, give me more of your love and truth. Oh Lord, give me more of your power and grace my God. Teach me to love, teach me to be like you, give me your heart my God.

Simple words that really speak to our hearts as we seek out to grow closer to the Lord and become more like Him! Praise God for his unconditional love for us despite our sins.

God is so good. I have just been reminded today that we are never alone because God is ALWAYS with us. Wow. Even when we feel like everything is turning against us, we can rejoice because we have a loving relationship with our creator and we get to spend eternity with Him one day! I don’t know about you, but when I think about that, everything bad and stressful just disappears and doesn’t matter any more! The Lord is my strength. He calms my heart and brings peace to my mind and ultimately is my friend. All the time He is there for me. My best friend. I have the BEST best friend in the whole world! He will never leave me or forsake me! God stirred my heart today to remember that He is always near and it just brings me so much joy! I am saved! Praise God!

God you are everything good! You are everything beautiful!


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